Gondor is a two-chassis integrated power management unit with a single input and 10 outputs. The main features of the unit are:

– the filtration board of Gondor is based on a very efficient, very ,powerful and ultra low leakage circuit, being able to handle up to 50A in total at 230V

– Gondor is using a microprocessor that analyzes the characteristics of mains power, and according to the feedback, it is activating and deactivating the filtration sections, so that the unit will provide ultra pure power at all times

– the unit is providing 5 ultra high current outputs and 5 isolated (balanced or unbalanced – depended upon customer’s request)

– Gondor is using an ultra low resistance virtual grounding circuit, helping all connected devices to discharge noise currents very fast and very efficiently.

– The internal wiring of Gondor is based on Signal Projects 7N copper conductors (for the CX version) or on Signal Projects hybrid conductors (for the CSG version) The exceptional characteristics of our power conductors provide significantly increased conductivity and thus thelowest possible propagation delay between the internal components of the unit. This is helping Gondor to perform with impressive clarity, with superb neutrality and excellent balance beyond the limits of audible frequencies, while in the same time reveals plenty of detail from all 3 dimensions of the stage with excellent accuracy.

– The two-chassis unit is made of aircraft grade solid billet aluminum inone of the most accurate CNC machines of today. The topology and the placement of the internal components have been designed and calculated by a custom made software, in a way to provide the optimum shielding and the maximum protection against magnetically coupled and all other kinds of external emitted interferences.


Type: Stranded for CX version or hybrid CSG version
Cross sectional area: 1,44 mm² (high current), 1,02 mm² (medium current)
Metals: Copper for CX version or copper, silver & gold for
CSG version Purity: 7N (refers to copper)

Operating Current: 50Α @ 30oC @ 120V/60Hz or
Maximum Leakage: 0,09mA at 120V/60Hz or 0,15mA at
Capacitance (Line to Ground): 0,005μF (0,5MHz/0,5VAC)
Capacitance (Line to Line): 0,027μF (0,5MHz/0,5VAC)
Inductance: 0,47mH nominal Chassis

Material: 2-chassis solid billet aircraft grade aluminum
Dimensions: 43cm (W) x 47cm (D) x 7cm (H) or 8,5cm (H)
-with spikes for each chassis-
Weight: 38Kg the PCU main unit and 32Kg the HCFU unit